To follow are a variety of different videos showcasing various performance types and venus. The first is part of a stage presentation I did for an insurance company. Below that is a special I did for Japanese television. Next, we have a trailer from one of my DVDs called Cheating at Hold’em and finally an appearance as a cheater on the History Channel’s Wild West Tech for which I was also their gambling consultant. Enjoy! 

Japanese Television Special

This is a segment of a television show David performed on for NTV (Nippon Television). It is Japan’s number one station. To give you an idea the first week after this segment was posted it got over fifty thousand views from Japan alone. This was back when YouTube was first getting started. A staggering amount at the time. 

Cheating at Hold’em Trailer

This is an overview of one of David’s DVDs released to the public to help guard against cheating in private games when Hold’em Poker was quite popular. David saw the need for the public to protect themselves and created a program to educate and inform. 

The History Channel

David was hired as a consultant for the History Channel’s segment on cheating in the wold west. Along with demonstrating his antiquarian collection of devices used to bilk games, David also ended up with a small role playing the part of a card shark and demonstrating the swindle we all know as Three Card Monte.