Magic Services

Strolling Magic is having a roving magician going from group to group or table to table and entertaining your guests, friends and associates. It works equally well with complete strangers that may have diverse backgrounds to help them interact. David spends a few minutes with each of your guests and provides them with their own intimate close-up show.

Magic and good times go hand-in-hand. It lets you surround your associates and guests with glamour and excitement and sets a happy tone for any event right from the beginning. Whether you want the strolling magic during the cocktail hour, at lunch or after, it’s your choice. Strolling magic is the type that you most often see performed by magicians because for certain events a stage performance may not be appropriate or even needed.

To have a magician walking around assures that everyone will be able to get their own special magic performance. These few minutes with little groups help to “break the ice,” and liven up a party.


The Stage Show is a magic performance where the entire audience is entertained as a whole. Designed for groups ranging from 50 to 500 or more people, it consists of 45-60 minutes of comedy, magic, and mind-reading, using a variety of different tricks specifically chosen to compliment your event. Throughout the show audience members are asked to come up on stage and help David with different tricks. The end of the show is closed with three of your guests assisting with the final illusion.

The show’s length varies due to audience participation and reaction. The entire performance is conducted tastefully, in that there are no off-color jokes, blue humor, or questionable material. In essence, it is entertainment for all. Each participant is treated with the utmost respect and consideration.


Whether it’s on stage, close-up strolling or cabaret-style magic every show and performance is custom-tailored to your specific event and to your needs.

Utilizing my services will provide you with these six outstanding benefits:

Clean and non-offensive;

Funny without being embarrassing;

Exciting amazing and full of surprises;

Interactive and suspenseful;

Different, mysterious and engaging;

Good, clean fun that will be remembered and talked about for months to come.

In essence, magic as entertainment is the easiest way to ensure the pleasure of a successful event. I would love to work with you in December to help bring your creative visions to life. 

Separately both the stage show and strolling magic work to make a particular area of an event sparkle and together they form an entire afternoon/evening of entertainment.