Giving Back to America

Every year David Malek creates time to entertain our troops overseas. He considers it an honor to be asked to serve America in this way. Since even before our country officially became a nation people have given their lives for freedom and to protect our freedom.

David does not get paid to entertain our service members. Every show is done free of charge and service members pay nothing to come and see the shows.

Want to know what it looks like when David Malek travels to a base in the Middle East to entertain our troops? Click on the video below.

Travel for about one hour into this wasteland and you get to an American base in the middle of the desert in Western Asia. This is one of the places David goes to entertain out troops. If you can imagine, it’s 120 degrees out and the humidity is over 55%. In a word it is literally unbearable.

David says, “It’s the least we can do for those who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and the American way of life. We liberate countries so that their people can know what freedom feels like and in doing so we ensure our own freedom.”


In some parts of the world where our troops serve the climate and conditions are so austere it’s hard to imagine anyone able to live in such places. Sometimes the temperatures can soar to 120 degrees with humidity over 55%. Unless you have been in this “hell” you can only imagine what it must be like for the troops. Those on patrol must wear a full uniform as well as carry arms, ammunition and a pack, making simple movement very difficult.

On some bases, our sons and daughters live in converted shipping containers and have to deal with deadly snakes and confinement to the base. In fact, around one base in the Middle East if you are out in town and the locals know you are an American your life expectancy on average is 15-minutes. Yes, you read that right fifteen minutes.

Being confined to the base is the only option and very soon these women and men begin to feel as if they are in prison. Add war and the severe climate and you can see why we have a lot of suicides and seriously disturbed kids coming home to a country that does not understand what they have been subjected to.

Keep in mind, one of the three wars we are involved with is the longest conflict in American history. In addition, unlike Vietnam where soldiers typically served a one-year tour of duty some of these kids are being deployed multiple times.

David says, “My mission is just to bring a smile to their faces, and if only for just a few minutes, transport them to a world where they are once again filled with wonder, laughter and excitement; allowing them to release the serious stress and tension they feel on a daily basis”.

In one case, midway through his deployment, a soldier was told that his father’s health was fading, his wife said the show helped him cope and forget about his problems at least for a time.

David says, “If I can reach just one person and make their life better for just a few minutes, my time at these bases is well spent”.

With your continued support by hiring David Malek for your company parties and events, he can continue to do this important work, to help serve those who protect America, our freedom and our way of life.

By leaving the comfort and safety of America and traveling to entertain our troops David says, “It’s my duty to my country and I value this service above and beyond any work I may do in America”.

When you see service members out and about in town, David says, “Take a moment to stop and tell them how much you appreciate their sacrifice. We have many people that serve America but members in the armed services sacrifice far more than any of the other service agencies that operate on American soil”.