Giving Back

Comedy and Magic to Entertain our Service Members Abroad Who Sacrifice So Much to Keep Us Safe.

This page contains pictures of my latest tour of the Middle East and Africa to entertain our troops. I do not get paid to perform for our service members. Every show is done for free and service members pay nothing to come and see the shows.
Please read – it’s important.
Without a political agenda and regardless of party affiliation, these men and women serve our country in some of the most inhospitable areas of the world under seriously austere conditions. For months during the summer the temperatures top 120 degrees with humidity over . I can tell you from first-hand: experience unless you’ve been there you have no idea what they endure, day-in and day-out. It is in a word horrible!
David Malek USO 012
These service members are in some cases confined to the military base because of terror threats. For example, in one area of the world if you are off base and the locals find out you are an American your average life expectancy is fifteen minutes. Yes,: you read that right, just fifteen minutes.
Being confined to the base is the only option and very soon these women and men begin to feel as if they are in prison. Add war and the severe climate and you can see why we have a lot of suicides and seriously disturbed kids coming home to a country that does not understand what they have been subjected to.
Keep in mind, one of the three wars we are involved with is the longest conflict in American history. In addition, unlike Vietnam where soldiers typically served a one-year tour of duty some of these kids are being deployed multiple times.
My mission was just to bring a smile to their faces, and if only for just a few minutes, transport them to a world where they are once again filled with wonder, laughter and excitement; allowing them to release the serious stress and tension they feel on a daily basis.
In one case, midway through his deployment a soldier was told that his father’s health was fading, his wife said the show helped him cope and forget about his problems at least for a time.
If I can reach just one person and make their life better for just a few minutes, my time at these bases is well spent. With your continued support by hiring me for your company parties and events, I can continue to do this important work, to help serve those who protect America, our freedom and our way of life.